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Xia® CT (Cortical Trajectory)



The LITe LIF procedure using the Xia CT implants and instruments with Stryker’s vast interbody offering is a less invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure that facilitates a midline approach to help achieve decompression and fixation. 

Features and benefits:

  • A less invasive procedure through a small midline incision
  • The possibility for decompression, fixation and fusion
  • The possibility for a more muscle sparing approach than a traditional open posterior procedure
  • The possibility of a more efficient exposure and closure time due to a smaller incision[1]
  1. ^Lee GW, Son JH, Ahn MW, Kim HJ, Yeom JS. (2015) The comparison of pedicle screw and cortical screw in posterior lumbar interbody fusion: a prospective randomized noninferiority trial. The Spine Journal 15, 1519-1526.