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VLIFT® Vertebral Body Replacement System



The VLIFT Vertebral Body Replacement System consists of a distractible in situ implant, which enables the surgeon to customize the height of the implant after implantation. Modular end caps and cage extensions, if needed, snap into each end of the implant for quick assembly. The end caps are available in 0° or with angulation to match either the lordosis or kyphosis of the spinal segment.

Features and benefits:

  • Large open architecture to maximize bone-to-bone graft contact and to allow for optional in-situ insertion of bone graft
  • Modular end caps have a wide footprint designed to help minimize subsidence and to help maintain stabilization of the affected motion segment(s)
  • One-step locking of the distraction mechanism with a counterclockwise turn of the pre-assembled locking screw
  • Single instrument for ease of insertion and distraction