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SwitchPoint Infinity® 3



The SPI3 is an audio, video and data integration system that allows the staff to have complete command and control of the surgical suite. The system is capable of streamlining room setup by allowing audio, video and data preferences to be executed through the use of customizable presets. The system is constructed at the input/output level, providing maximum configurability and an ideal architecture for future platform expansion as needs in the surgical suite evolve.

Features and benefits:

  • Video and data integration
  • Any-to-any digital video signal routing
  • Highly configurable and extensible
  • Built for future expansion
  • Surgical timeout checklist integration
  • Customizable room presets
  • Split screen and quad views
  • Centralized iSuite control
  • Control of multiple computers
  • Teleconferencing from the operating room
  • Comprehensive HIS connectivity
  • Video streaming and conferencing for enhanced collaboration
  • Extensive room design expertise