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The Stryker Learning CenterThe Stryker Learning Center

The Stryker Learning Center is an advanced educational center offering comprehensive training opportunities for physicians and medical staff. This personalized training experience features our fully equipped iSuite, an outfitted bioskills lab, cutting-edge meeting rooms and more.







Bioskills lab 2


Bioskills lab 3

Surgical and technological capabilities

Your training experience is our number one priority. Providing access to the latest advancements in surgical technology, The Stryker Learning Center has created a globally connected training opportunity, personalized for every user. 

Connected OR operating system 
Stryker’s iSuite, powered by the Connected OR operating system, provides control and customization of compatible equipment from a single, intuitive touchscreen.

iSuite room control 
The iSuite room control system provides a standardized central point for managing your operating room video and compatible surgical devices. Easily integrate and control the compatible devices through features like customizable presets, one touch 4K routing and video multiviewing capabilities.

iSuite voice and device control
The voice control package facilitates operating room management by centralizing control of the various electronic devices used in the operating room.

iSuite live video
Complete real-time video exchange across the world by streaming intraoperative video live from the iSuite. Broadcast to the conference room, classroom, and bioskills lab within Stryker’s Learning Center. With the telestration feature, users can directly draw and annotate on the image or video, highlighting anatomical landmarks.

iSuite media asset management
Stryker’s iSuite media asset management provides a centralized storage solution for the archiving and management of surgical videos and images. Users can archive, edit and share surgical media from an intuitive browser-based user interface.

iSuite integrated OR

The iSuite offers a combination of equipment and software that transform the traditional operating room into a modern, state-of-the-art surgical environment.

The iSuite integrated OR features:

  • Berchtold Operon D-Series surgical table
  • Teletom equipment boom
  • Multiple 4K monitors
  • 60" EIZO 4K monitor capable of displaying multiple modalities simultaneously
  • Switchpoint Infinity 3 control system
  • CranialMap neuro navigation software
  • Berchtold LED surgical lights
  • 1588 AIM Platform
  • Integrated A/V
  • Procedure livestreaming
  • Lavalier microphone
  • Voice command capabilities
  • SDC3 information management system
  • IP video conferencing


iSuite Integrated OR


Bioskills lab

Bioskills lab

The bioskills lab at Stryker's Learning Center offers a modern training experience and features:

  • Real-time broadcast capability to other stations in the bioskills lab
  • iSuite connectivity
  • PPE room with equipment included
  • Equipment washer and decontamination sinks
  • Projector screen, projector and whiteboard
  • C-arms
  • Eight hands-on stations
  • Radiolucent, height-adjustable tables
  • Flat panel monitors
  • In-light cameras
  • LED lighting and Teletom booms
  • Endoscopic light sources and cameras

Location and specs

Stryker's Learning Center offers two meeting rooms. Both rooms come with use of catering space and all-inclusive use of the locker room, cafeteria and hospitality suite.

Conference room

  • Seating for up to 20
  • Microsoft Surface Hub outfitted with touchscreen capabilities, touch and ink input and video conferencing
  • View of iSuite, bioskills lab and hospitality suite
  • Storage closet


  • Seating for up to 50
  • Whiteboard
  • Simultaneous presentation format available
  • Video conferencing, projector and microphone available
  • Direct access to iSuite and bioskills lab
  • Polycom video, voice and content streaming available

Hospitality suite

  • Coffee and tea bar
  • View of the iSuite, bioskills lab and conference room

Locker room

  • Shower use included
  • Scrubs provided


  • Seating for up to 175
  • Projector screen and projector available
  • Full use of kitchen
  • Preferred caterers list available

The Stryker Learning Center is just five and a half miles from Salt Lake City International Airport and less than ten miles from downtown Salt Lake City.

For more information on touring or booking Stryker’s Learning Center, please call 801 201 0637.


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