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Aero®-C Cervical Stability System



The Aero-C anterior cervical interbody and fixation system is designed for use in anterior cervical interbody fusion procedures. The system is comprised of a PEEK Optima cage, surrounded by a titanium jacket and is designed to be used with the internal supplemental fixation provided (Aero-C fixation anchors) in addition to supplemental fixation systems cleared for use in the cervical spine.

Features and benefits:

  • No anterior profile, which reduces the risk of soft tissue irritation
  • An in-line approach that reduces the potential of instrument impingement on the patient’s anatomical structures including the chin and/or chest and allows the surgeon to minimize the exposure needed for device insertion
  • Motion resistance that creates a construct capable of resisting physiologic motion in all degrees of freedom and cage migration
  • Compression creating anchors that when inserted are designed to draw the vertebral body towards the cage creating compressive forces at the endplate-to-cage interface