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AccuLIF® PL and AccuLIF® TL Expandable TLIF Technology



The AccuLIF expandable lumbar interbody technology offers surgeons the ability to insert an interbody device at a smaller starting height, place the device in the desired position within the disc space, and then expand the device to the desired height based on patient anatomy to help ensure endplate-to-endplate fit.

Features and benefits:

  • Shortest starting expandable height[1] currently on the market with three implant options covering an expansion range of 6mm-16mm
  • First steerable curved expandable TLIF interbody on the U.S. market[2]
  • The hydraulic expansion mechanism provides lift and features internal staircases for a secure mechanical look at six different points
  • Tactile and visual feedback during expansion for a specific implant fit for every patient
  1. ^Data on file at Stryker Spine
  2. ^Data on file at Stryker Spine