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Stryker is the first company to offer a fully soakable video camera.

Stryker launches the first 3-chip medical video camera.

EndosuiteStryker is the first company to offer a video Endosuite operating room.

Endoscopy is the first to launch a digital capture unit called SDC, Stryker Digital Capture.

Guglielmi Detachable Coil510(k) for the Guglielmi Detachable Coil

OR integrationCreation of Stryker division dedicated to operating room integration

Stryker's CMF division launches BoneSource Hydroxyapatite (HA) Cement, the first HA cement for neurosurgical procedures.


Stryker's Spine division completes its first posterior spinal fusion surgeries with Xia, a system whose proprietary buttress thread locking cap design remains unchanged through 2015.

Fixation and Fusion - Xia

System I CartStryker enters the surgical navigation market with System I Cart for neuro, spine and ENT navigation.

First digital medical camera - 988

Stryker enters the booms and lights market.

HDE for the Neuroform Stent


Humanitarian Device. The Neuroform® Microdelivery Stent System is authorized by Federal Law for use with embolic coils for the treatment of wide-neck, intracranial, saccular aneurysms arising from a parent vessel with a diameter of ≥ 2mm and ≤ 4.5mm that are not amenable to treatment with surgical clipping. Wide-neck aneurysms are defined as having a neck ≥ 4mm or a dome-to-neck ratio < 2. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. IRB Approval Required. Please contact your local sales representative for details about ordering this product.

PCD SystemThe Percutaneous Cement Delivery (PCD) System provides entry into the Interventional Spine market.

Stryker's Navigation business unit launches the Patient Registration Mask, the first fully automated registration mask. 

Patient Registration Mask

First HD digital capture – SDC HD and first HD medical camera – 1088

1088 Camera

510(k) for the Merci Retriever

Merci Retriever

Stryker's CMF division launches Universal NeuroTM III, the first dedicated cranial fixation system.

Universal Neuro III

Stryker's CMF division launches first non-sterile PMMA customized cranial implants.

Stryker ID Cranial implants

Stryker's CMF division launches HydroSet®, a fast-setting calcium phosphate cement formulated to harden in a wet field environment.


Stryker's CMF division closes a deal to distribute Collagen Matrix's DuraMatrix portfolio to dural repair products.


Stryker's Neuro, Spine, ENT business unit is created as a standalone business to create focus on the Neurosurgical specialty within the instruments portfolio.

Stryker launches LED Surgical Lights.

Stryker's Spine division launches VLIFT, a unique expandable vertebral body replacement with an integrated insertion/expansion device.


First dual channel HD digital capture system – SDC Ultra

Stryker's Neuro, Spine, ENT business unit launches The Bone Mill, an automated milling system that delivers uniform and consistent bone yield for spinal fusion procedures.

The Bone Mill

Stryker acquires Ascent Healthcare Solutions.

Stryker acquires assets for Sonopet® Ultrasonic Aspirator, a versatile ultrasonic system that is used for soft tissue resection and bone cutting across neuro and spine specialties.


Stryker acquires the MEDPOR assets of Porex-Surgical, Inc.


Stryker launches iVAS® Inflatable Vertebral Augmentation System.

iVAS Kit

Stryker launches IP Media Management Platform.

Stryker acquires the Neurovascular division of Boston Scientific.

Boston Scientific

Stryker's Neurovascular division launches Target® Detachable Coils.

Target Detachable Coils

Stryker acquires Orthovita, Inc. and its Cortoss® Bone Augmentation material.

Stryker acquires Concentric Medical, Inc.

First 3-chip CMOS HD camera – 1488 

Stryker's Neurovascular division launches the Trevo XP ProVue Retriever.

Trevo XP

Stryker's Navigation business unit launches the Stryker NAV3i® Platform with CranialMap Neuro Software.


Stryker's CMF division launches Universal Neuro III Cranial Plating System.

Universal Neuro III

Stryker acquires Trauson Holdings Company Limited, the leading trauma manufacturer in China and a major competitor in the spine segment. This acquisition allows Stryker to expand into the fast growing value segment of the emerging markets.

Stryker's Navigation business unit launches the SpineMask™ Non-Invasive Tracker, which is designed to optimize minimally invasive spine surgery through non-invasive patient tracking.


Stryker's Spine division acquires CoAlign Innovations Inc. and launches AccuLIF - the first ever steerable, expandable interbody device.


Stryker acquires CoAlign Innovations, Inc. and Berchtold Holding AG.

Berchtold holdings

Stryker launches SwitchPoint Infinity® 3 Lite, Stryker's ninth generation OR Control System.

SwitchPoint Infinity 3

Stryker's Neuro, Spine, ENT business unit launches the Signature Portfolio, the latest in high speed drill technology with over 100 new part numbers for cranial and spine surgery. It is the most comprehensive and customizable solution on the market that allows the surgeon to customize the feel of the drill.

Signature Portfolio

Stryker secures the exclusive licensing and distribution rights of a patented, real-time video enhancement technology for rigid and flexible minimally invasive surgery, called the Clarity Video Enhancer.

For medical applications excluding life science and bioscience applications.


Stryker's Neurotechnology portfolio expands with an unprecedented 23 new products since January 2015, including 3 strategic acquisitions.

2015_2016 Product Timeline

Stryker's Neurotechnology portfolio is born.

Male anatomical -Hero

Stryker's Spine division launches four new products, Aero-C Cervical Stability System, Tritanium PL Cage, VLIFT Vertebral Body Replacement System and Xia CT.

Spine Products 2016 Timeline Photo

Stryker's CMF division launches DuraMatrix-Onlay PLUS.

DuraMatrix-Onlay Plus

Stryker's Endoscopy division launches the 1588 AIM Platform.

1588 AIM Camera Platform System

Stryker CMF launches DirectInject, the first on-demand HA cement on the market that requires no manual mixing or preparation.

DirectInject HA Cement